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A specialist drafting service for Architects and Designers.

Avoid the time ,expense and hassle of finding, hiring, accommodating and supporting a permanent work force. Outsource your project to The Drafting Lab, an experienced professional outfit who will work closely with you to understand all of your requirements and deliver in spades on time, on budget, and increase your bottom line profitability!

We integrate our services into our clients production stage in a seamless and professional manner, while maintaining standards of excellence for all involved.

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Drawing Samples


The Drafting Lab began as an Australian based virtual team in 2016.  Our founding team cut their teeth in a variety of firms throughout the country, and drawing from these experiences formed The Drafting Lab, an on-point service renowned for its flexibility, timeliness and documentation excellence.  Our team is prepared to go the extra mile to ensure your project is a success.  We use every experience as an opportunity to grow and develop further our service to you… our clients.

We look forward to building a virtual production team for your studio within our organisation. There is a compelling need to build the delivery model together to maximise the productivity and success of the final product.

“The documentation produced by The Drafting Lab is of the highest quality making project delivery efficient and easier for me”

Nick Martinis


“We have found the Drafting Lab to be a pleasant experience. Their service and attention to detail is unsurpassed. We would not hesitate to recommend them”

Mulder Kampman Design

“Outsourcing our drafting work to the Drafting Lab saves me so much time. They understand what is required and their quality is excellent”

Peter Hearne


Alita Constructions

“The team at The Drafting Lab have an excellent understanding of Building Codes and standards. Their ability to clearly identify and reflect compliance criteria within their documents not only reduces our risk as a building certifier, but provides for a fast and efficient building approval process”

David Cadman

Building Surveyor

Innovative Compliance Solutions




“Growing better people through better business”


“To liberate our customers through the delivery of an outstanding documentation solution”


  • To become the preferred documentation solution for all architectural practices.
  • To become the leader in the development of global documentation standards.


The production of detailed technical documentation from which to make things…like buildings…and there’s an art to it. Some say it’s a dying art. In these days of technical advancement, the use of software becomes the focus in documentation, rather than the task at hand. At TDL, our staff focus on  managing & achieving professional standards in the following:

  • Construction knowledge
  • Codes & Standards
  • Maintaining design integrity
  • Coordination of services and structural elements
  • A high standard of communication
  • Project delivery schedules



Architectural Drafting services provided on an hourly rate basis.

  • Unlimited – providing you with unlimited freedom to continue with the tweaking of your design/project moving forward
  • Estimated – based on your information, we will provide you with an approximate cost / time to produce the agreed scope. This option will still allow you with sufficient flexibility to tweak your design with an up front indication of the costs involved.


Your concept sketches are drafted into presentation format drawings.

Standard inclusions:

  • Site Plans
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations

Optional inclusions:

  • 3D model / Perspective Images – Basic
  • 3D model / Perspective Images – Comprehensive


Your sketches or drawings are drafted into formal drawings that will form part of your planning application. They may include:

  • Location Plan
  • Site Plans
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations
  • 3D Model / Perspective Images
  • Overshadowing Diagrams
  • Landscaping Plan
  • Vehicle Circulation Plan
  • Land-Use Area Calculation Plans


A comprehensive set of Architectural drawings suitable for CDC (Certificate of Design Compliance) and Building Permit Application. This can either be:

  • Produced in close coordination with your consultant team
  • Produced as a “Turn-key” solution inclusive of consultants. We have access to a wide variety of specialist consultants  to make this a very viable option


A comprehensive set of Architectural drawings suitable for a Tender and/or IFC (Issued for Construction) purposes. This can either be:

  • Produced in close coordination with your consultant team
  • Produced as a “Turn-key” solution inclusive of specialist consultants. We have access to a wide variety of specialist consultants and engineers to make this a very viable option


Our Standard Lab Solutions all include a high degree of flexibility.

Should you require Architectural Drafting services that require even further flexibility and customisation, we would be happy to discuss with you.

Click button below to download samples of our work

Drawing Samples


Our Process:

  • Assess enquiry – We assess and gather all the relevant information from you with respect to the project in order to comprehensively understand and define the scope of services required.
  • Scope Definition – We clarify and propose the scope of services to be undertaken and cite out specific observations and/or requirements. We send you a proposal document.
  • Project Confirmation – When you are happy and agree on the scope of services, you send us an approval to proceed and the project will commence.
  • Project Execution – The best resources are allocated to suit the project type and timeframe, and the services as outlined in the agreed scope are delivered, including regular updates as and where required.


  • Autodesk® AutoCAD®
  • Autodesk® Revit®
  • Trimble SketchUp

The work is provided back to you in both native file and PDF format.

Drawing Formats / Standards:

You have the choice to have the work produced to suit either your drafting standards or to our own.

  • To your standards – you simply provide templates, standards, styles, sample projects… etc for our team to comply with.
  • To our standards – documentation will be produced in line with our highly developed standards. In addition to native files, we’ll also provide pdf files for convenient printing. Our standards have been developed with the greater goal in mind to develop a nationally adopted drafting standard, and we would encourage firms to embrace this option where possible.

Other / Optional Services:

  • BIM
  • Comprehensive Code Compliance Report
  • Sub-contracting of specialist consultants (Structural Engineers, Energy Assessors etc)
  • 3d renders / images
  • Checking & coordination of documentation


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